††††† I finished theswap about 7:00 on a Sunday evening. I took a quick dip in the pool ( it was about 104) and invited the wife for a ride. We had hardly made it out of the drive and I knew something was wrong. I was very disappointed because I KNEW I had done everything right. I thought maybe the trans I got was bad.After another 100 yards it hit me. A quick u-turn and a run in the garage ,and I was under the dash. I had to plugin the TCU I had left on the work bench. Boy, I felt like an idiot!

††††† Back out of the drive and down the street we went. Of course I had the largest smile on my face.The TJ drives fantastic now. I love the way this thing shifts. It is smooth and very responsive.

††††† †††† The TJ drives great. Iíve got a slight vibration but I think my boys may have separated the rear drive shaft while it was out.. I will have that rebalanced. I also have the service engine light on. Iím getting no codes so it may be something left in the TCU from the accident the xj was in. I will take it and have it cleared later this week.

†††††††† This is without a doubtone of the coolest mods you can do to your TJ. I now feel like I can tackle almost anything.

Bring on the Long Arms!

Note: When doing the research for this projectI was told to keep the lift at or under 4.5 inches because of the shorter drive line. I plan to make up for this by installing a shorter transfer case. I was thinking of going with an Atlas II until I learned that I could get even more room and spend less by getting a used Dana 300 and using a flip kit.

††††† If you have questions or if I forgot something, please email me.


The End

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