††††† At this point there were only two small things left to do. First was to connect the kick down cable. There are mounting points on the TJ already for this.In fact, the bracket to mount and connect it to the throttle body are already there. This doesnít get any easier.

††††† Now is the time where I had to be creative and this took some time to figure out. What am I taking about? How about running the trans cooler lines and installing a cooler. The easiest way to do this would be to install a radiator from an auto TJ. I wanted better cooling than that, so I went with a good after market trans cooler.

††††† In order to install this , I had to drain and remove the radiator. I also had to run the cooling lines. Removing the radiator is straight forward labor. There really is nothing to it, just time. If I would have thought about it, I would have installed an electric fan at the same time I did this.

††††† Running the cooler lines however took some time.I decided I wanted to run as much hard line as possible. I bought two 5í pieces of hard line and used almost all of it. I also used the XJ cooler lines as much as possible. The XJ uses a clip style connection and I didnít want to have to find these at an auto parts store. I ended up running these along the same route as the air conditioner lines. It is a good path and worked out well and so far there doesnít seem to be any detriment to the air conditioning system. I will however in the future insulate those lines better from each other.

††††† I was getting close to finishing now. I still needed to install the trans mount and the skid plate. I used thetrans mount from the XJ. I drilled in to the cross member and made a temporary mount. I didnít spend much time on this because I will be installing an RE LA lift in a week or two following this project and would redo it then.

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New trans cooler in place

Transcooler lines from the XJ are ran on passenger side of TJ

Trans mount from the XJ