Next is to install the transfer case. This went flawless. The shifting linkage did need to be adjusted to make up for the added trans length. I did this both through the linkage adjustment and by removing and re-drilling the shifting bracket mounted to the body. I n the future I will most likely make my own shifter bracket all together.

Moving on I Installed the shifting cable and automatic shifter. Remember this is a TJ shifter. IF works great and looks like it belongs. There is a round plug in the firewall. I used this to run the shifting cable through the firewall. I split it, ran the cable through it and then black siliconed around it. All this went without incident as well.

You will most likely have to adjust the shifter cable. This was very easy. Just remove the plastic clip that hold s the cable in place under the Jeep. The shifter needs to be in P. Then pull the shifter on the trans to the rear all the way and re-install the c-clip.

I continued wit h the install by installing the drive shafts. Both fit although I will most likely have the front lengthened and Im hoping that after the lift the rear will be fine.

Next came the part that makes this project daunting to most. This is when I spliced in the TCU to the TJ harness. I used the blue crimp temporary splicers to make sure everything worked before making permanent connections. I chose to make these connections as close to where the wires protruded through the firewall as possible. Note, Many of these connections could have been made under the dash but I chose to open up the wiring harness in a few places as possible. I will make permanent soldered connections in the future.

There were twelve wires that needed to be spliced into the TJ harness. Because of the many hours Id spent studying the TJ wiring diagrams, I had a real good ideal of where and how I was going to make the connections. It was a good idea to look at the connection diagrams for the TJ. This enables you to find out how the wires run with out actually having to find them visually. I was surprised that the wiring only took a couple of hours to do.


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Re-drilled Transfer case shifter bracket, it helped but is still not enough

Shifter cable coming out the front of the shifter

Temporary connectors splicing TCU to TJ harness

Another picture of splicing into TJ harness