Before removing the tailpiece, I used a compass to draw a circle around the tail piece making real sure to go right through the middle of the TC mounting holes. I put the end of the compass into the hole at the end of the tail shaft. I then used a locked micrometer to scratch the distance from the old hole to what would be the center of the new hole. I drilled these with the drill press. I love it when things work out.

That evening I was able to solder the TCU wires to the proper opposite wires on the trans plugs. Notice in the picture that I kept the fire plug with the wires going through it from the XJ. This helped later when installing it into the TJ. It snapped right in.

Most of the wires attached to the plugs but several where left to tie into the TJ harness. There were also a few wires from the trans plugs that needed to be spliced into the harness. To these wires I just added length to them for easier splicing later. There were 12 of these wires that needed lengthening.

I was able to get some help to reinstall the trans, but before installing it the we had to make sure the torque converter was all the way seated. It needs to be seated 1/2 inch below the edge of the bell housing.

The flexplate and spacer needed to be installed on the crank shaft prior to installing the trans. You might want to becareful to line up the bolt holes between the flexplate and the torque converter as your installing it. There is a flange on the flexplate that makes it extremely difficult to get your fingers around it to line up the holes. I had to take the trans off twice to get it to line up. The last time I just loosened the bolts far enough to get my fingers inside to turn the torque converter.

After installing the trans, I installed the dipstick tube. It just pushes into the bend in the trans on the passenger side. Secure it, and it is done. Make sure it seats well.



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Tail piece Before re-clocking

Measuring for new holes

I used a drill press to drill new holes

Tail piece ready to go

All wires were soldered and heat shrink wrapped

Torque converter installed on trans

Installing the trans