††††† After removing the old transand clutch, I moved to the inside of the jeep. I removed the two pedal assembly (clutch pedal and brake pedal) and replaced it with the new one pedal assembly. I then placed silicone on thefill piece for the clutch pedal hole. This was all very easy and just took time and the ability to be a contortionist.

††††† While on the inside of the vehicle I went to remove the shifting parts. This required the removal of the drivers side seat (damn torx bolts).I then removed the center console and the shifting parts. Iíll wait until the trans missionis in place before putting in the new shifter assembly.

††††† Following this part of the project the wife got me to look at model homes with her. How do they always get away with this kind of stuff?

††††† Ok, now before going any further I decided to tackle a part of the project that I was not looking forward to. I t was time to re-clock the transfer case on the tail piece of the trans. So I put the TC up to the tail shaft but it would not go on all the way. After careful measuring I determined that the input shaft on the TC was too long. I had no idea that there were different input shafts. Well come to find out there is not only different length input shafts but there are also gear pitches on the main shaft.So changing the input shaft my not be your answer. If I recall the input shaft had to be shortened about 5/8 of an inch maybe it was 3/4 but I donít think so.I had two choices at this point , get the TC that came with this trans or have the input shaft shortened. I chose the later. I took the TC apart and got the input shaft machined down for $40. It beat the heck out of the $400 it was going to cost for the other TC plus extra for the SYE.

Here are the measurements from the snap ring after the input shaft was removed. Short shaft is 1.350 where the long shaft is 2.100. These numbers were confirmed by Advanced Adapters.

††††† After I test fitted the TC to the AW-4 and got a good fit, I removed the tail piece. The Transfer case on the XJ hangs down too far.This had to be fixed.

††††† continue

AW-4 Procedures 2

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Come-a-long used to remove AX-15

2 pedal assembly and single pedal assembly

Before cutting

After cutting

Input shaft on the lathe