XJ Parts List 98 or newer

1. AW-4 trans, the two wire harnesses, the safety neutral switch, and kick down cable should all be attached to it.

2. Two plugs that plug into those harnesses. One is black and the other is grey. They are 8 way plugs. Get at least 6 inches of wire on these more if possible.

3. Transmission Control Unit (TCU)

4. TCU plug and at least foot of wire. I also got the firewall plug on mine

5. Torque converter and bolts

6. Flex plate and spacer with bolts.

7. Dipstick and dipstick tube

8. Torque converter dust cover upper and lower pieces.

9. Cooler lines

10. Shifting cable

11. Trans mount

12. Kick down cable

Auto TJ Parts 97 or newer

1.        shifting assembly you do not need the console. It fits in place of the manual shifter.

2.         Make sure you get the light assembly that goes in the shifting assembly

3.        Brake Pedal assembly

4.        Clutch pedal hole filler.

Miscellaneous parts

Oil cooler, hard lines and soft lines.


Make sure you keep track of all the bolts you take off the XJ so you can use them to assemble the TJ. I used zip lock baggies with labels.

AW-4 Swap Parts List

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