††††† I started this project with only the factory service manual disk for a 98 TJ. I knew that I needed the FSM for both the 2001 XJ (the transmission donor) and the 97 TJ. In fact this project would have been impossible without the XJ FSM but I could have gotten away without the 97 TJ manual. As the 97 TJ and 98 TJ are very close to the same.

††††† Anyone who has bought one of these manuals knows that they cost an arm and a leg. I didnít want to spend the $100 each that these would cost. I looked for an alternative. I ended up using a internet service manual provider, alldata.com. It was $25 for the first vehicle and $14, I think, for the second. Donít let this service fool you. It is the FSM online.

After many hours of studying the schematic diagrams ( printed them out) for the TJ I was amazed how the manual TJ and the automatic TJ have the same wiring looms. There are just few jumpers to convert one to the other. I also believe that both use the same computer .

††††† It is common for others who do the TF 999 conversion to put a switch on the dash to lock the torque converter at speed. I donít believe this is necessary. The manual computer will do it if you connect it to the right spot in the harness. In fact I believe the plug is under the TJ for it already. (Sorry for the side note.) Email me if you want to know what circuit and pin on the computer control it.

††††† In order to do this project you will need parts from both an auto TJ and a 98 or newer XJ. 98 or newer is necessary for the computers to be compatible. I believe it has something to do with the OBDII diagnostic system.


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